The main vision of the Dioceses to look for the unchurched, Untrained Independent pastors who have been scattered throughout India just like sheep’s without shepherds. In ordered to bring these Independent pastors and their families under one roof.


The Aiic Diocese will give Biblical theological Trainings, for untrained pastors. For this purpose the diocese is praying for the 20 Acres of land to construct the Bible theological College around the Hyderabad.


The vision of the diocese is to bring the all the scattered free line church pastors from each and every corner of India so that they could avail the licenses for solemnizing the Christian marriages  and death rites in their churches according to Indian Act 1872.


The Diocese vision is to contest in politics such as panchayat elections, Mandal, Zilla parshad, Member of Legislative Assembly and Member (MLC)   Member of council (MLC).  Member of Parliament and Rajya Sabha 


So that they can defend atrocities persecutions made by anti-Christian elements  and enable to take the gospel to other communities without any hindrance.


Our vision is to Guard the missionary’s Properties and assets which were given to the Christian communities by the Britishers before the they left India.


The Diocese vision is to protect the atrocities against the Independent church pastors, Evangelists, Preachers, along with their families from the anti-Christian elements.


The Aiic Diocese vision is to open the branches throughout the India especially where there is no church and people who have not heard of The Lord Jesus and  His Gospel.


The Aiic Diocese vision is to make ‘This Diocese’ A world renowned diocese by making it aloft, by not only placing the Faith in the Word of the God but also showing in actions by helping and contributing to the Needy and oppressed such people are the Independent pastors widows, orphans through prayer and financial support.


The Aiic Diocese vision is to publish the magazine not only in “The Telugu Language’ but also in other Indian Languages  as well as ‘The International Languages’ .


The Aiic Diocese vision is to pray for the congregations who are under this ‘Diocese’ for their welfare, families and looking after the developmental activities, 


The Aiic Diocese vision is to conduct  ‘Revival Crusades’ in almost all parts of the India especially in ‘Remote’ Tribal areas  by the power of the God.


The Aiic Diocese vision is to look into the problems of the Independent pastors who don’t have minimum indispensable requirements such as Food, Education ,Clothes, and Shelter.


The diocese vision is to arrange Diocese pastors committees in each district by the Independent pastors so that we can defend the atrocities and persecutions done by the Anti-Christian elements.


Our main vision is to bring all our fellow citizens of India to the Jesus Christ  and accept him as their God and personal savior before His second coming .