Among all these denominations some Independent Pastors are out of their dominion of so called Orthodox Churches. These Independent Churches plays an important role in winning the last souls for His Glory.

 By not depending on monthly wages.

As per the Holy Spirit guidance these Independent pastors and churches lead their ministries. In our Country and they play a major role in reaching   the Un-reach, rural and tribal areas.

At the same time these Independent pastors in our nation who faithfully whole heartedly with great burden, doing the Lord’s work who do not have proper recognition, upliftment, financial support and encouragement by the main line churches and denominations

Before Independence, the Britishers gathered the Immovable properties and established Biblical colleges, Schools, Hospitals and made them financially self-sufficient, for running the main line denominations.

These main line traditions & customs, left over by the Britishers to the mainline denominations are still existing even today  these mainline denominations follow these customs left over by the Britishers they are imposed on Gentiles. It has become at the same time Independent churches pastors and their families and children’s are denied by the main line churches  and Denomination’s to get benefits of Health, Education and Financial support. At the same time, these Independent Church Pastors, Families and their  children’s, have been denied by the main line churches Denomination’s.

The Whole world knows that in India, these pastors, preachers have been Bruised and beaten and by destroying the churches and Christian properties by the Gentiles , due to lack of administrators , political power, political leaders, and difference in denomination feelings , in the Christian communities. For the above said reasons, our Christian communities are not able to succeede in spreading word of God in India.

Even though, our Indian Independent pastors have faith, on ‘The Lord God’ and placing the cross to spread the gospel by abstaining food shelter, families going into the rural, slum areas thinking to get at least one perishing soul by placing the total burden on ‘The Lord God’ hoping that one day God will certainly open the new doors to spread the Gospel, without fear.

These Independent free line church pastors are financially, very poor and even the believers in those Churches are daily laborers, housemaids, Cart pullers, vegetable vendors. They don’t have proper shelter, clothing and food and apart from this believers are unable to understand Financial sowing (Malachi, 3:8-10).Our Indian pastors are patiently preaching without expecting anything. These poor pastors are unable to provide minimum Education to their Children’s.

Considering, all the above facts, guided by ‘The Holy Spirit’;

I, ArchBishop. R.Harry Sebastian, started A union called ‘AIIC-UNION’, in the year 2006, and in the year 2010 again we Established A Diocese called The “All India Independent churches diocese” (Aiic-Diocese) for the upliftment of all the Independent church pastors and preachers .At Present in India, we have more than Fifteen thousand(15,000) Ordained Pastors, who are members in our Aiic Diocese and union.

For these pastors, we are giving free Bible training, ordinations, felicitating with the certificates along with the Aiic diocese affiliation and our diocese is providing Christian marriage license for solemnizing Christian marriages in their respective churches according to the Indian act 1872 .

Consistently, along with church, our Aiic Diocese ministry has been growing. Day By Day by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.